Application Package Review

For a review of your complete application to a specific university, upload all supplemental essays through the Insta-Edits submission form. 

Your editor will examine:

  • Content: quality and appropriateness of essay topic, relevance of details included, the degree to which essay successfully answers original prompt
  • Structure: Does your essay make a clear and coherent argument? Does it effectively transition between points and paragraphs? Could it be improved by rearranging the content?
  • Style: tone, individuality of voice, use of language, use of literary elements
  • Theme: What are the intended and perceived themes of your essay? With what overarching message does the essay leave the reader? How does the theme contribute to an overall application narrative?
  • Grammar/Spelling/Syntax: meticulous proofreading, review of sentence structure

Our Yale application essay review service includes:

  • Comprehensive line edits and feedback for each essay (Why Yale, short takes, supplemental responses, and Common App)
  • Written essay critique assessing each essay for content, structure, style, theme, and grammar/spelling/syntax

You will receive:

  1. Application
  2. Essay critique assessing each essay for the five key points listed above and making concrete suggestions for improvement. 
  3. Grammar/spelling/syntax line edits and in-text comments.
  4. A 15-minute live consultation with your editor following the completion of edits.

Please complete the following form to submit your essay. Once you have completed the form, you will be directed to the payment screen.

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