College Interview Prep

The college interview is all about showcasing the qualities that make you a fantastic applicant.  The stories and information you share about your background, goals, and plans help your interviewer – and the admissions office – get to know you in a personal way.  If you're an international student, the interview also presents an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your English skills and your readiness to attend university in the U.S. 

From alumni and admissions office interviews to third-party services like InitialView and Vericant, each college interview experience is different. Our goal is to demystify these interviews and take the stress out of the interview process.  Our college interview prep services equip you with the essential skills and confidence to present your best self in any interview setting.

Interview Coaching

Strengthen your interview skills and prepare strategies for responding to common (and surprise) interview questions. Review your goals, plans, and academic and extracurricular background with an experienced interviewer. Receive detailed feedback and strategies for success.

  • 60 minute in-depth coaching session with an experienced interviewer 
  • Strengthen interview skills and prepare powerful responses to interview questions 
  • Written feedback summarizing strengths and strategies for maximum success

Mock Interview 

Gain valuable feedback about your interviewing skills with a mock admissions interview. Respond to common (and surprise) interview questions, increase your conversational fluency, and practice speaking confidently.

  • 45 minute mock interview session with an experienced interviewer 
  • 15 minute instant feedback, coaching, and Q&A session
  • Written feedback summarizing the interview, your strengths, and areas for improvement 

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