What Our Clients Are Saying

“Olivia's feedback during our son's college applications process was invaluable. She is highly skilled and helped him understand the essence of the questions and how he could best position and express himself in the most meaningful and concise ways. Olivia is exceptionally talented, thorough, responsive, and was the best of all college consultants that we worked with. We give her our highest recommendation.”

"Olivia knows exactly what admissions officers are looking for and can help build an amazing story from virtually anything in your life. She helped me craft A-grade essays that stood out even in Ivy-league university applicant pools. With Olivia's help, I received the highest scholarship award offered by my department as well as full funding for a travel grant to a conference in Silicon Valley."

"Olivia is beyond helpful with her ninja like editing skills. She genuinely does everything she can to make your essays shine.”

“Zen Admissions helped me with my applications to several colleges. My editor was kind, efficient and professional. She gave excellent comments and advice. Thanks to her I am now confident about my applications!”

"Olivia has an incredible talent for understanding thoughts and putting them into words. She helped me brainstorm countless essays admissions essays – I can confidently say the ones I worked on with Olivia are the best essays of my life."

“Olivia's words of wisdom will transform the way you think about managing time. She narrows down your focus on what is important in achieving both long and short term goals. She expresses mastery in time management by providing each student with detailed solutions to overcoming a bad schedule.”

“Olivia is kind, friendly, intelligent, and overall GREAT. Her line edits, comments, and feedback are very clear. Hands down the BEST COUNSELOR I had. ”

"I felt I could trust Olivia with my whole life story. In fact, I did. I felt confident sharing my most personal essays and statements. Something that constantly amazed me was how caring and supportive she was on a personal level. She really cares, and it shows."

"Olivia was an outstanding person to talk to throughout my application process. It was infinitely valuable being able to throw out my craziest and most personal ideas while knowing she would accept them kindly and provide honest feedback. She was particularly understanding, positive, and helpful."